Christmas Crafts Part 1- Sheet Music

It's that time of year!  This is our first Christmas Craft, but there will be more to come!
BTW, this was our first Mod Podging experience (I know, shocking!) and I think it went pretty well, but let us know how you think it turned out!

Mod Podge ( we used Gloss)
Sheet music- about 6 or 7 pages
Sponge Brush
Empty box or jar

1.  Cut your sheet music into strips, the short way.
2.  Brush a little Mod Podge on to a small spot on your box/jar.
3.  Cover that spot with a sheet music strip and Mod Podge over that.  Do this until the box is covered and you should have something like...

This!  If you're wondering, the holiday subway art in the background is from Eighteen25 and the candy cane reindeer?  Another project for another time! (Soon!)  See ya!
P.S.  Who likes our new background?


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