Floppy Bow Tutorial

Tutorial time!  We'll be making that bow up there.  All you need is some fabric, a sewing machine, and 10 minutes. 

1.  Cut two fabric ovals about the size of your palm.  I don't have an exact measurement, but you can see the measurements I used below.

2.  Sew the 2 ovals together, right sides facing each other and leave a small 1-2 inch opening.  It works best if the opening is on the long side of the ovals in the center.

3.  Turn it right side out and pinch the center.  You can hold it like this with a safety pin.

4.  Now cut a piece of fabric 5 inches by 2 inches, fold it in half the long way, and sew up one long side and one short side.  Turn it right side out.

5.  Wrap the band you just made around the pinched center of the bow.  Sew the band on as shown. 

6.  Trim the extra fabric on the band, and turn it right side out so the seam faces the inside. 

And that's it!  Use your bow as a headband,

 or use it to decorate a bag.

If you make a bow, send us pictures at thosecraftychicks@yahoo.com or leave a comment telling us what else we could do with the bow!  Bye!


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