Woah....We Haven't Posted in Forever!!

Sorry about not posting for a while, I guess we are just busy girls!!
So, today for you we have some projects that we haven't done yet but are on our "To-Do" list! These are some pretty great tutorials, projects, and patterns that we just haven't had the time for, but will be definitely doing in the near future!! Enjoy!

This would make a pretty funny gag gift!

puzzle necklace

Cute, huh? Found here

I'm thinking of making this lunchbox in polka dot :)

These shoes are super cute!!!!!

20 cropped beauty shotI am dying to make this pouf for my craft room!


And this amazing skirt is perfect for summer! Plus, the deep pockets rock!!!


And last but certainly not least, some adorable softies from Grosgrain's FREE PATTERN MONTH!!!!

  Well, that's all for today, folks! See you next time, on Those Crafty Chicks!

*Note: This is not our entire "To-Do" list, it would be incredibly time consuming and tiring to post every single item on this list, so we chose some of our favorites!
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