Deviled Egg Costume

Yes, I know, it’s a deviled egg. But this costume is super easy and super cool so let’s get started.


  • white hoodie (you can use one with a zipper but I think it's harder to sew over)
  • yellow fabric
  • pitchfork
  • devil horns
  • devil tail
1. Lay out your hoodie and find something the size that you want your egg yolk to be.  I used this mixing bowl, which is about 15 inches across.

2. Now lay it on the yellow fabric, trace it and cut it out.  Cut 1/4 inch snips all the way around the circle and then fabric glue (or sew) all of the tabs down to create a hem.  In this picture the iron and the weights are just holding down the glue.

3. Sorry I don't have pictures for this but basically pin the hemmed yellow circle to the center of the hoodie and sew it in place.  Leave a small opening and stuff it lightly. Then sew the opening shut and it should look something like this.

4. Now for the hood.  Measure where the horns are and cut 2 holes in the hood.  Put the horns on your head and poke the horns through the holes.  Put the rest of your devil attire on and this is what you get!
  Sneak peek of the next costume!

See ya!


More Halloween Crafts!


Ok,well one more Halloween craft. But it is so super cool that we wanted to show it to you. These candy corn earrings are made out of paint chips and are sooo creative. So without further ado, we now present the Super Awesome Paint Chip/Candy Corn earrings.

Click Away!


Happy Almost Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Well, not yet… Both of us love Halloween, so to combine Halloween with crafts, we found a bunch of cool projects!

           Candy Corn Garland

Girly Ghosts                                                                                                                     


A friend of ours has created a blog for their annual haunted house/basement and we want you to go check it out! Go to Lindsey and Lindsay's Haunted House Spooktacular.  If you live in the area and you want to go to the haunted house read their blog for the info. But wait! There’s more! We’ll also be posting tutorials for some super cool costumes so stay tuned!  See ya!

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