Sock Dogs! (The sequel to Sock Monkeys!)

So Jillian was surfin the Internet for fun crafts and she came upon this amazingly adorable sock dog that we are now both in LOVE with! We haven't made it yet but it is definitely on our list. Here's the link for you to enjoy it too!

                         Click here for the FABULOUS link!


Cakes and Clay

For my little sisters birthday we were asked to make a pool themed cake. We started out with a white store bought cake and used all sorts of stuff to make it look like a pool scene.  We used Chiclets for the tiles, Airheads for the rafts, Fruit by the Foot for the towels, paper umbrellas, Teddy Grahams, and gummy rings to represent inflatable tubes! We even went to the extremes (not really) to put zinc –icing on the lifeguards nose. If you want to see the close-ups of the pictures, you can click on them!




Yesterday we also made these cute food earrings out of polymer clay! Enjoy!


Sock Monkeys!

Hey! Jillian here.  So in my last week of freedom before school starts, : ) I found a tutorial for the cutest sock monkey ever! I decided to make it and share the pics and the tutorial.  So here they are!

Our Model Houses

So we have these model houses that have been slaved over in construction for several months.  We finally finished them and we wanted to share.  Our houses are made out of all recycled material (and hot glue).  Watch the videos and tell us what you think by leaving a comment or emailing us at thosecraftychicks@yahoo.com.. Enjoy!


Minion Magnets

So, after seeing Despicable Me and aww-ing over the adorable minions we decided to make these minion magnets. All you need is a sticker maker (we used the Xyron 250), a color printer, and an old magnet. So here we go!

1.) Print a color picture of a minion – we used Google Images.

2.) Push the image through the sticker maker.


3.) Peel off and stick onto the magnet.

4.) Trim the excess magnet off with scissors.

5.) "Ooh" and "Aah" over the wonderful magnet we helped you create!



We can't tell you how excited we are to finally be starting this blog!  In our blog we will post about every craft we make, cupcake we bake, pillow we sew, anything that is bloggable.  We'll try to blog at least once a week and every Friday we will feature what we think about the latest movies, books, or TV shows.  Our blog is still in progress, so stay tuned for new features and posts.  Enjoy!
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