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Okay,okay! We know its a few days after Halloween but, we said we would do a post about a Cat in the Hat costume and we don't break promises! So here it is:

Coincidentally, Jillian's sister and I (I being Claire) were both Dr. Suess' The Cat in the Hat for Halloween.
So here I am:
(Face blurred for safety reasons!!!!)

So basically, when I made this costume i was not creative or crafty in any way. I wore jeans, and black shirt, a jean jacket (it was cold!), a store-bought Cat in the Hat hat, (and even though they're not in this picture) some gloves, and a red bow-tie. I also bought a tail that attaches to belt loops and wore that around even though it kept getting stepped on!!! With eyeliner (or you could use black costume make-up) I colored in my nose and drew some whiskers. The End! I'm sorry it wasn't very crafty.

So  if you want a bit more crafty option...you can do what Jillian did for her sister!!!
 All you need is a black t-shirt and some white felt. Here's what you do:

1. Cut out an oval from the white felt
2. Using fabric glue, attach the oval to the  center of the shirt (where a cat's belly might be)  You could also sew the oval on.

Then, throw on some black sweat pants and wear some white gloves and a tall striped hat.

Happy Week After Halloween everyone!

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