Elastic Band Skirt Tutorial

Ok, so I'm sure you've seen these skirts everywhere.  Old Navy, Forever 21, Hollister, you name it.  But what would be a lot cheaper than buying one, is making one! This skirt has 2 layers- a main layer and a liner like fabric that peeks out from underneath. Let's get started.

Top layer fabric (this one shows the most)
Liner like fabric
2 1/2" - 3" elastic, any color, we used black.
Measuring Tape
Sewing stuff (pins, thread, sewing machine, etc.)
Seam Ripper

*seam allowance 1/4" unless otherwise noted*
1.  Time for measuring! First, measure your natural waist or wherever you want the skirt to rest.  I got 27 inches, for a 10 year old girl.  I added 3 inches.  If you want a flowy skirt, add about 5 or 6 inches.  If you want more of a straight skirt add 2-4 inches.  This is measurement A.
2.   Now measure from the top of your waist to wherever you want the skirt to rest.  Add 2 inches to this for seam allowance and your hem.  This is measurement B.
3.  Now cut your linining fabric and top layer fabric using these measurements.  In this picture the top layer is on top (zebra print) and the liner like fabric is on the bottom (black)

4.  For the elastic take your original waist measurement and subtract 1 inch. 

5.  Now it's time to sew!  Place your top layer on top of your liner like fabric and sew a seam using the largest stitch about 2 inches away from the top of the material.  This seam is optional because it's just to hold the fabric together while you sew the elastic on.  You can also pin it.


6.  This part is a little tricky but if you do it right, the skirt comes out great.  Strech the elastic until it reaches the fabrics (liner and toplayer) full length.  Pin it in place.  You may need a partner for this.  

7.  Face the skirt as in the picture and sew along the right side,  stretching as you go. 

 Now you have this.

Flip up the waistband and you have this.

8.  Remember the seam I talked about in step 5? If you made it rip it out!

9.  Time for the hem!  Lift up the top layer and focus on the liner like layer.  Pin it and hem it 1/4".

10.  For the final step, fold the top layer over right where the liner like hem ends and sew in place.  Put the top layers facing each other, sew the 2 ends together, turn it inside out and voila! You've got an elastic waistband skirt.

 I know there must be an easier way of doing this, so comment if you know how! If you have any questions, post a comment! And if you just want to say hi, post a comment!


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  2. So if your wondering, the website mentioned above is oneprettything.com and yes we did get featured on it!!

  3. Thanks so much for all the great crafters sent here by OPT!

  4. oh wow! lol...I'm making a skirt with an elastic band sometime this weekend...never done it before and was just going to go for it! thanks for the tut! now I have no excuse to not make it right!


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