The Artsy Clutch

A while ago, we mentioned we were going to feature a crafty book, movie, or something of that sort every Friday.  Well, we didn't really stick to that but we'll give it try today!  This book is so great we just couldn't wait 'till Friday to share so here goes.

The book is called Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol.

You probably have heard of her blog, angry chicken.  The book is filled with tutorials, tips, and great projects.  I like this book because it frequently mentions using a seamripper:).  We actually made a project from the book called The Artsy Clutch.  It's the bag on the front cover.  We can't exactly give you how to do it because it's not ours but you can get the book at your library.  Here are the clutches we made, enjoy!


  1. Notice that my clutch's elastic is a little crooked and Jillian's is perfectly straight. That says something about us...


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