Post Halloween Post Part 2

Hey everybody! Yes, we know it's a week after Halloween but we couldn't resist sharing these pics.  Up first, we have a cupcake!

For the rings, we used the tutorial from Food Network's Cupcake Costume.  But we found that this tutorial didnt have very much arm room so we made two middle rings cut them in half and sewed up the sides that were open.  Then we took all of the rings, layed them in order and stapled/sewed them together.  We cut 2 inch strips of pipe cleaners and attached them with fabric glue.  Now you have your top. 
For the cup of the cupcake, we bought a cheesy laundry basket and covered it with fabric, and duct taped in place.  To hold it up, clip suspenders to the top of the basket and that's basically it.  For extra pizzaz, paint and styrofoam ball red, stick a pipe cleaner in it and glue it to a headband.

Next up, presenting a chicken!

For the chicken, we used about 3 feather boas and glued them all around a white sweatshirt.  Cut 2 comb shape out of red felt, sew the two pieces together, and stuff.  Then sew the comb on to the hood.  For the beak, cut 2 beak shapes out of yellow felt and sew those together.  Stuff the beak then sew 1/4 inch elastic into it.  Now you've got a chicken!
Coming soon we have a skirt tutorial so stay tuned!

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