Back to School!

Hello all!
School is about to begin, (or already has for some of you) and we came up with a list of 10 Things to Do Before School Starts!

10. Go thrifting for a new backpack!

9. Draw a picture with colorful markers to put in your binder!

8.  Use our Rainbow Notebook Tutorialto jazz up some journals!

7. Make a chain with your name on it (or anything else, ex. peace, create, school mascot) out of letter beads to hang on your backpack !

6.  Super fun book cover tutorial made from shopping bags! This one is definitely on our never ending to do list!

5.  Invite over some friends and have a back to school party!

4.  This lunch survey is really cool, and seems handy!

3.  Make cookies shaped like school buses, apples, pencils, anything school related for when every gets home!

2.  Make a Back to School countdown on a chalkboard or dry erase board!



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